Our Roadmap

Hedera has an audacious but simple vision: to build a trusted, secure, and empowered digital future for all.

Q3 2019

Mirror Node Alpha

Hedera's Mirror Node software entered alpha on August 29th, 2019. Mirror nodes provide a way to store and cost-effectively query historical data from the public ledger, while minimizing the use of Hedera network resources.

Network Open Access

The Hedera mainnet (beta) was openly accessible on September 16th, 2019. Anyone can build and deploy their applications on the Hedera mainnet and create accounts for themselves and/or end users of their applications.

Third-Party Integrations

Hedera continues integrations with third-parties that support the use of the mainnet and hbar, including exchange services, custody services, and more.

Q4 2019

Demo App Scaffoldings (Open Source)

Leverage the sample application scaffolding that outlines many of the key components needed for an enterprise application using the Hedera Consensus Service and Mirror Nodes.

Developer Tools

Build, and release of, additional developer tools to ensure an easy and robust development experience.

Demo Applications

Open source demo applications created to show case individual use cases built on Hedera. These applications will showcase Hedera network services in real-world scenarios, making it easy for developers to copy from, and learn best practices for, building on Hedera.

Third-Party Integrations (Wallets & Tools)

Partner with software wallet providers, custody solutions, and developer tools to integrate Hedera.


Improved Testnet Onboarding

Improve the onboarding experience for developers to the Hedera testnets. This includes reducing testnet KYC friction and adding a faucet for testnet hbars from within the developer portal.

Hedera Consensus Service

Launch of the Hedera Consensus Service in beta. Developers can begin using Hedera Consensus Service to build high-throughput, low latency applications, utilizing the native speed, fairness, and finality of the network's underlying hashgraph consensus.

Hardware Wallet Integrations

The Ledger Nano S and X are hardware wallets that will support Hedera's native cryptocurrency, HBAR.

Mirror Node Beta

Hedera's Mirror Node software enters beta and is available for developers to download and configure for use with the Hedera testnet and mainnet.

Open Source Hedera Network Services

All of the Hedera network services will enter open source under Apache License v2.0.

State Proofs On Entities

State proofs can be requested by querying the network for a record. When a client requests an aspect of the state, nodes can construct and return a small file carrying cryptographic material and signatures to prove the returned data is the true consensus state.

Open Review

The base layer of the codebase (hashgraph consensus) will be open for public review and made available for anyone to read, recompile, and verify that it is correct.